Shades of Delight!

Colors so pure and vibrant, a drop or two is all you need.

Easy to mix, with no impact on flavor.

Our 10 core colors allow infinite combinations.


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Blend these great colors to create any subtle shade or specific color in the world!



Red, scarlet, crimson, ruby or cherry. Our Hot Rod Red is equally at home making hearts, red velvet, race cars or bleeding zombie cakes. And unlike many other reds, ours has no bitterness, no matter how much you use (although you won't need much!)

leaf green

Grass, leaves, watermelons, and even witches. Our Leaf Green is just the right hue to make any shade of green or teal. 

sunshine yellow

Lemons, sunshine, canaries or flowers. They all look brilliant with our Sunshine Yellow.

juicy orange

Whether you're creating oranges, pumpkins or sunsets, our Juicy Orange color is amazing.

coco brown

Rich and decadent, our Coco Brown is excellent for chocolate cakes (and even double and triple chocolate cakes!) It's also great for animals, buildings, faces, trees... well anything brown really.

deep purple

Princely purple, fun and exciting. The color of creativity itself! Our Deep Purple reigns supreme for kid's cakes, halloween items, team colors and more!


From soft blush to hot pink, our Pinkalicious is perfect! As fun as it is on a little girl's birthday cake, it's equally wonderful as an accent on an elegant wedding cake.

snow white

The queen of all cake colors and ultimate color for blending, mixing and shading. Our Snow White is dazzling and let's you transform any of our other colors into a lighter shade, easily and beautifully.

azure blue

Oceans, rivers skies, sapphires and Paul Newman's eyes. Our Azure Blue is not only beautiful, it makes all the colors it's near or blends with  more beautiful.

midnight black

Our Midnight Black is striking. It's not very, very dark grey, it's really black. Black as the inside of a coal mine at night. Black as the fear that the dark knight  strikes in the hearts of criminals everywhere.... well you get the idea.


breakfast blue

Our Breakfast Blue is as pretty as a Robin's Egg or a gift from a certain famous jeweler. Trendy, fun and beautiful! You'll find more and more uses for this great color.

One drop or two?
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